Your Shipping Partner

Bay-Cities Logistics strategic transportation solutions to help deliver our clients’ shipments on time and in good condition. Our vision and service experience has created a winning team of dedicated carriers that have made them true partners in BCL’s success.

We are your day-to-day transportation experts providing end-to-end logistics for your business using customized shipment planning and processes. Our goal is to create a lean, cost-effective, and sustainable supply chain through all modes of transportation, including LTL, TL, and parcel.

Why work with us?

Bay-Cities Logistics is profoundly committed to what we believe are the 3 major components of transportation: Safety, Security and Quality Customer Service. Our notably experienced management team and dedicated staff of professionals know how to move your products with maximum efficiency. Our extensive industry experience solidifies our understanding of not only our client’s needs, but also the needs of our employees, carriers, and the environment.

  • ACH payments and net 30-day pay terms
  • Environmentally conscious business strategy prioritizing full truck loads for optimal fuel savings
  • We maintain specialized day-to-day processes and procedures including risk mitigation and extensive carrier vetting

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